Our strong brand portfolio include more than 200 of the strongest brands in the world.

As one of the three biggest licensees in Europe and one of the first in China, we represent some of the world’s strongest brands.

In the year 2000 we signed the first license agreement with the Walt Disney Company. Today we hold licenses across a wide range of new and classic brands covering selected spokespersons that are exclusive to some customers, and the categories cartoons, music, movies, celebrities, sport and lifestyle brands.

Our cross-category solutions focus on product areas such as apparel, nightwear, underwear, lingerie, socks, nylon, swimwear, accessories, bags, home textiles, storage and small furniture.

We develop stories based on category expertise and space management, and offer a strong market coverage and distribution power. We monitor and control the value chain according to international quality and CSR standards and to our own code of conduct.

Our in-house agency of designers and marketers delivers best-in-class concepts driven by stories and reflecting up-to-trend designs.

We just happen to create amazing solutions.


“We enable the strongest brands in the world to grow key retail presence globally

Julia Rasch, Business Innovation Manager – Brand licensing.