70.000 Retail Doors across Europe and China witness our distribution power.

It is our ambition to help retailers to increase their earnings, and we put a lot of effort into understanding our customers; i.e. their brands, customers and market position. Our story driven concepts reflects up-to-fashion designs and meet our customers’ demands for affordable high quality products and out of the shop sales.

Long-term partnerships and strong relations characterize our business, and we develop custom-made solutions together with several of the biggest retailers in Europe and China. Our strong retail insight and focus on out of shop sales is essential while developing private label and branded concepts, as well as Never-Out-of-Stock programs, and we have a proven track record of effective campaigns.


“Strong retail insight and the strongest brands in the world are key offerings when working with some of the biggest retailers in China”.

Steffen Hecht Petersen, General Manager Fipo China.
We use our strong expertise within product knowhow, category and space management, to offer our customers convenience in terms of outsourcing single campaigns or whole categories.

We have strong retail insight and put a lot of effort into understanding market and consumer trends. With strong in-house design and marketing expertise we create relevant stories – both in terms of collaborations and private label concepts.

Fipo China
Our Chinese company Fipo China is located in Shanghai, where 15 employees work in close cooperation with both our customers and our sourcing partners. Working with some of the biggest retailers in China we have strong market and retail insight and understanding of market and consumer trends.

Our brand portfolio is carefully selected to the Chinese market, and we collaborate with some of the strongest brands in the world.